God’s Now Time for Your Life

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God’s Now Time for Your Life
Enter your Prophetic Destiny
by Chuck D. Pierce

God has a wonderful destiny for every life, but many Christians will die never having realized all that God has for them. Why is it that so many believers fall short of their divine calling? Is our only hope for prophetic fulfillment in eternity? What about our destiny while we are still here on Earth? In God’s Now Time for Your Life, the authors offer dynamic, life-giving answers to help you reach your potential. This book is full of rich, fresh insight for finding God’s direction for your life, your family and your territory. Find out how to break out of desolation, how to deal with hope deferred, how to understand and act on personal prophecy and how to move in God’s now timing. As you read, you will understand how to press toward your fulfillment and purpose, and gain new hope that the best is yet ahead!