F&F Online Classroom

F&F Online Classroom

Freedom and Fullness Seminar Video Classroom

The seminar consists of 7 video sessions which were recorded at a live seminar.  The first 6 sessions are teaching; the 7th video is the ministry time.  Download and print your PDF syllabus before you begin.  In the back of the syllabus is a Preparation for Ministry and 14 Root Spirits sheets.  Keep these in front of you as you watch the videos and mark the appropriate information at the end of each teaching.  Listen carefully, engage your heart and mind, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you strongholds and emotional wounds that have kept you from being all God has created you to be.

 Subscription Steps:

1. Subscribe/register for this online class.

2. Log out by going back to the Video Classroom drop down tab located in the menu bar. Click on the sign in-sign out tab......sign out.

3. Sign/Log back in.

4. Click on the drop down link that says, "Access to F & F"

5. You will see a list of classes.  Click on the class that you have purchased.

6.  You may return and watch the classes for 90 days.

7.  Be sure to download your manual and print it before you begin your classes.

Duration: 90 days
Price: $49.00