PMT 1 Online Classroom

PMT 1 Online Classroom

Personal Ministry Training One Video Classroom

This Personal Ministry Training One consists of 16 video sessions. The first 12 videos are individual teaching modules. The last 4 videos are a demonstration of a personal ministry session with its interview;  it would be best to watch them all together.  Print your PDF manual before you begin and you will be able to follow along.  In your manual there are activities and assignments that will help you learn and apply what you are learning.

Subscription Steps:

1. Subscribe/register for this online class.

2. Log out by going back to the Video Classroom drop down tab located in the menu bar. Click on the sign in-sign out tab......sign out.

3. Sign/Log back in.

4. Click on the drop down link that says, "Access to PMT 1"

5. You will see a list of classes.  Click on the class that you have purchased.

6.  You may return and watch the classes for 90 days.

7.  Be sure to download your manual and print it before you begin your classes.

Duration: 90 days
Price: $79.00