Several specialized trainings are offered periodically such as the ones listed below. Other one-day and two-day trainings are being developed. If you are interested in a training that does not have a posted date, please email us and let us know of your interest.

Finding Wholeness for Wounded Hearts

Will show attendees how to find wholeness for themselves and give keys to minister healing to the spirit and soul of the broken hearted and bruised. It is a necessary accompaniment to deliverance and must be integrated with it, not separated from it.

In this training you will…

  • Learn God’s provision for people to be made whole.
  • Learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit in leading a person to experience powerfully healing truth encounters and displace the lies they have believed.
  • Learn the two types of trauma that cause emotional pain.
  • Learn how wounding may begin in the womb and how the Holy Spirit can heal trauma that began there.
  • Learn how performance keeps people from receiving the grace and healing God has for them.
  • Learn how to find healing from sexual abuse and gender identity issues.
  • Learn how to deal with curses of Molech, illegitimacy, Freemasonry, witchcraft and other patterns of iniquity in the bloodline.
  • Learn how to deal with negative emotions such as guilt, shame, anger and fear.
  • Much, Much More!

Who can benefit from this SPECIALIZED training?

All who have a desire to be healed themselves and help others be healed and whole. Training includes teaching, demonstration and ministry.

  • All believers
  • Altar workers
  • Ministers
  • Pastors
  • Small group leaders
  • Deliverance ministers
  • Counselors

Tuition: $199 (includes manual)

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