The Indelible Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter’s Life

Dr. Kevin Leman

There are few guarantees in life, especially in parenting. But there’s one that every father should know: You are the key to your daughter’s future. Study after study shows that fathers set up their daughters for success. Involved fathers—whether or not they live in the same house as their children—boost their daughter’s academic achievement, promote their psychological health, increase their compassion for others, and even bolster the status of women.

What a Difference a Daddy Makes examines the characteristics of a healthy father-daughter relationship. Dr. Leman seamlessly weaves the latest research on effective fathering with funny and moving stories about his own parenting. He outlines the architecture of the father-daughter relationship, including how to build it on a foundation of trust. Trust is connected to security and consistency, Leman says; a father makes his daughter feel secure by being consistent. His practical help will give you concrete ways you can love your daughter, setting her free to grow into a healthy, secure adult who can focus on loving others. You can be the father your daughter needs.