How to Overcome Life’s Earliest Experiences to Become All God Wants You to Be

by John and Paula Sandford

Are you trying to live for God but struggling with issues and emotions you don’t understand? Become all God wants you to be when you deal with the negative feelings that have their roots in your earliest life experiences. Growing Pains, the final book of The Transformation Series, helps you tackle unresolved issues like insecurity, anger, disappointment, or emptiness that remain from negative experiences in your early years. It gives steps for identifying the root causes of your problems and outlines principles for dealing with them once and for all.

As you learn to identify and heal your own hurts, you will also discover how to proactively help the children in your life—setting them on the road to happy, healthy, productive lives from the start. The Transformation Series is your road map to spiritual growth and improved emotional health. This four-book series will teach you how to relate in wholeness and worship God in total abandon!