Turning from Guilt, Bitterness, and Resentment Toward a Life of Wholeness and Peace by John and Paul Sandfordand Lee Bowman

If you want to be happy, healthy, and grow in your relationships with others, forgiveness is not an option; it is a necessity. Forgiveness reunites us with God, brings us into unity with one another, and restores the integrity of our inner self. According to the Sandfords, “The unwillingness to forgive is the root cause of practically every interpersonal relationship problem for which people come for counseling.” With a discussion page included at the end of each chapter to encourage self-evaluation and small-group interaction, Choosing Forgiveness will help you find freedom and healing as you look into issues such as:

* Why it is important to praise God even in the midst of hurtful events
* What it means when memories trigger a strong emotional reaction
* What love has to do with forgiveness