Why You Are the Way You are

by Dr. Kevin Leman

First born? Only Child? Middle child? Baby of the family? Find out what your birth order means to you, your relationships, and your career. Do you realize that of the first twenty-three astronauts in space, twenty-one were first borns and the other two were onlyies? Did you know that first borns are natural leaders? They are our CEOS and presidents. Are you aware that entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump, Steve Forbes, and Bill Gates are more likely to come from the middle or later born positions in their families? Ever wonder how it is that your show-off kid sister became a top salesperson? It’s also no coincidence that comedians Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and Whoopi Goldberg are all the youngest of their sex in their families. Birth order powerfully influences who you are, who you marry, the job you choose, and the kind of parent you are. With insight and wit, Dr. Leman’s classic book will help you understand yourself, get along better with others, overcome ingrained tendencies you never thought you could get rid of, and be more successful in the workplace.Recently revised and updated.

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